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Review of lollipop chainsaw in the description


This is my FIRST review of a game,I wanted to do this game cos this was the first game I ever completed on Xbox 360 (besides from Lego Harry potter 1-4) I need to tell you that there is some spoiler elerts in it

So first of all what I thought of the game:
I thought it was fantastic.the graphics are amazing.I really wanted this game because they don’t really put in girls in games that a lot (like the main charter) the only other game I can think of is tomb raider.I think it’s nice that you can unlock other outfits but it takes you like forever to collect the little silver coins somtimes.it dosent bother me that much but still…
Things that are annoying about the game:
Somtimes he gets annoying in boss fights or when ur trying to do something.hes sometimes like (for example) Juliet this is in possible!! Or quick get his eyes!!
It can get abit annoying.
The out fits:
I think maybe they should of added a bit better outfits.they could of added nice dresses or somthing,most of the outfits are pretty good but some just dont stand out
The end:
People say on the Internet that you need to rescue every body (the SOS people) but a lot of people are saying that they do save them but still get the bad ending

Other nice details:
I like the phone messages
I really like Juliets family,I love rosalind (I think that’s the way u spell her name)
I think it’s funny and weird when sensi is dying and then he just says hey Juliet here’s your present

That is my review of lollipop chainsaw

Peace out

BellaS7 ❤


Welcome to my blog

hey welcome to my blog,i started thinking about doing a blog with review,reviews about the latest films,games and sometimes tv programes.i won’t be on this blog all the time becos somtimes I don’t I have the Internet button I will try and blog about all the g8t movies and games.i rlly want this to be poplour so tell all ur friends about this enjoy!