Lego Harry potter years 1-4 review

Lego Harry potter years 1-4 is the greatest Lego game I ever played.
This was the the first game I ever played when I got Xbox,I love harry potter so I thought it would be good.i recommend you to get the game

The great things about this game:
You can play as ANY charter in those 4 years and that sometimes u find charters
Its a free roam game
This isn’t really a thing JUST about Lego Harry potter but its in all Lego games and the thing I like about Lego is when you die you don’t get a game over you just come back to life
Pretty much easy

Things that annoy me

Sometimes it can get boring especially in the 3rd year when ur rescuing Sirius its abit boring
That if u get dumbledore or voldemort they turn out to be a bit of a rip off

That’s all the annoying things about Harry potter I can think off

That was my review of Lego Harry potter
Thanks for reading

Peace out


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